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Water Heaters Guys has been servicing the, for years with all their water heater installation services.

Attempting your own water heater installation

To try this yourself turn off the primary water supply. Next Turn off the gasoline valve in the gas line. Now run the hose and link the garden hose to the base of the water heater. Turn to the valve (this resembles an outdoor hose bib) and allow heater begin to empty. Only at that time go throughout your home and turn on the faucets all. Remember to leave the faucets in the on place and you've got cold and hot water turned on. This will enable the water to drain out of the heater a lot faster all.

We realize there are a number of companies offering similar services but we have full confidence in the quality of the water heater installation services we offer you.

Let’s continue with your installation

While the brand new water heater is draining from the old heater, Unbox. First pipe dope both rotating shafts coming out the highest part of the heater. As soon as they're doped screw in the brand new dielectrics. If your heater came with a T&P valve unbox pipe dope those threads and it. Line up the brand new water heater using the conduits that linked the old heater.

As a reputable company, Water Heaters Guys is only keen on helping you solve your most urgent water heater installation issues and to continue to serve you for a long time to come.

Connecting the water piping

Let’s continue with connecting the water piping utilizing whatever fittings or the shark sting fittings you determined on. You might need to solder the dielectrics that are brand new to the water piping for those who have copper conduit. When soldering the dielectrics I propose you determine simply how much pipe you'll need to the coupling in the dielectric and cut it to length and solder it to the floor. This may make for a simpler solder occupation. Replace the washers and tighten them down. Turn to the primary water supply. The faucets are left by while the water heater is filling up on in order to bleed the system all of the air out.

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The gas pipe installation

We continue with the gas pipe of your water heater installation. You’re aware of what you will need for gas a pipe. Hook the gas pipe up. If you're fortunate the gas pipe in the heater that is old will line up with a brand new heater. Simply reconfigure it as needed should it not. You can get gas piping in sizes and all ranges. Once the air all is bleed from your device turn the faucets off. You click the clicker and shove in the aviator button and the pilot light will be lit by it. After about 30 seconds turn the heater to you also and the required setting water tank begins to warm the water. You need to finally have hot water in about 30 to 45 minutes according to the measurement of the tank.

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